Enhancing Home With Talavera Tiles

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Talavera Tile Backsplash Ideas

Unlike the sober, earth-toned floor tiles or the all one shade glass ceramic tiles, talavera tiles are clay tiles with a white surface area embellished with vibrant colors as well as patterns. Like several pottery products using white tin glazes as a base, the strong colors lend themselves to strong, basic patterns. These are regularly classifies as “individual” based on their flat look and also lack of shielding to give a 3-D effect.

You most likely do not intend to ceramic tile your floorings with talavera tile, as it is very busy, however it makes a superb boundary or periodic accent floor tile. For adobe-like walls, it can be used as a chair rail or positioned higher in the wall as accents. On an outdoor wall, the brilliant shades will really stand apart versus the earth tinted bricks or weathered wood. If you install these tiles, ensure you placed them in the most effective locations for dealing with them as they will be there a long period of time.

Talavera Tile Stencils

For even more mobile talavera tile accents, consider a wrought iron table with a Mexican talavera tile top or a tray or trivet with Mexican talavera tiles. If positioned in an ideal timber or iron structure, the ceramic tiles could also be used as a trivet. Utilizing the tiles this way allows you to profit from the intense shades without mounting the ceramic tiles permanently, as well as allow you removal the floor tile accents as your style develops and also increases.

A final alternative for talavera floor tiles in your home is a talavera tile mirror. These mirrors are normally rectangular, and contain a board backing, a rectangle-shaped mirror, one row of talavera tiles around the mirror as well as a wood strip around the board as well as tiles to round off the edges. As you might envision, the ended up piece is heavy as well as will have to be connected to a wall stud when hung.

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