A Few Reasons to Prefer a Fiberglass Pool

Image Source: www.poolinstallers.ca

The increasing presence of fiberglass pools in the backyards has made them the primary choice for many planning to build a home pool. Furthermore, fiberglass pools offer customization options with diverse designs and vibrant colors, contributing to their preference for vinyl and concrete alternatives. 

Pool Installers by AHS is a well-known fiberglass pool installation company whom you can contact if you are interested in installing a fiberglass pool in your home. There are several benefits offered by a fiberglass pool, as mentioned below: 

Quick installation

The fiberglass pools offer a unique advantage with a 24-hour installation, regardless of weather conditions, in contrast to traditional pools taking up to 3 weeks and lacking a surrounding landscape project. 

Additionally, installation with a pool border and complete landscape integration takes only a few extra days.

Easy maintenance

Fiberglass pools require minimal maintenance compared to traditional inground pools. The smooth fiberglass material prevents dirt from adhering to the floor and walls, reducing algae formation and simplifying maintenance. 

Additionally, dirt beads along the edge instead of sticking, and fiberglass pools never require liner or paint replacement.

Resistant material  

Quality and durability are critical considerations when selecting materials for home projects. Fiberglass, known for its exceptional resilience, renders fiberglass pools among the most durable options available in the market.

Lower heating costs

Fiberglass pools excel in heat retention due to the insulating properties of fiberglass, heating the water up to 8 degrees Celsius higher than liner pools. These pools enhance insulation further with a urethane application, reducing heating costs compared to competitors.

Image Source: www.poolinstallers.ca

Modern and trendy look

These pools boast a modern aesthetic with clean, rectangular designs for a distinctive look. Their seamless integration with the landscape products ensures a trendy and timeless backyard ambiance.

Products made locally

These fiberglass pools, made locally are crafted using a fiber variation to enhance resilience and durability, effectively withstanding seasonal changes. 

Additionally, it holds accreditation under the “Well Made Here” program, promoting the procurement of high-quality locally manufactured products.

Multiple colors available

The fiberglass pool collection offers six diverse colors for each shell model, ranging from soft white to sparkling black, with each color boasting unique attributes to elevate a backyard and customize projects.

Strengthened steps and benches

Fiberglass stands out by applying urethane behind the steps and benches in their fiberglass pools, enhancing the shell’s strength and safeguarding against cracking. This distinctive approach significantly bolsters the pool’s long-term durability and resilience.

Reinforcements in the shell

To reinforce the Fiberglass shell, vertical reinforcements are integrated during manufacturing to augment rigidity and sturdiness. This exceptional approach yields walls with a 9mm thickness, surpassing the 5-6mm standard, ensuring superior stability.

Various fiberglass fabrics

A few suppler can enhance the strength and durability of fiberglass products by incorporating a diverse range of fiberglass fabrics. Through the utilization of multiple fabric thicknesses, it can achieve unparalleled robustness in the pool shells!

Opting for an inground fiberglass pool presents a significant investment and planning decision. With their numerous advantages, fiberglass pools facilitate the creation of functional, practical, and trendy landscapes.

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