As much as we all look forward to summer, the thought of heat can really tick off many people. It only gets worse when it is hot and humid together. This is where central air conditioning comes into play. It helps to keep you and your family comfortable through the summers. AirMakers will help you with all your air conditioning needs, be it a central cooling system or a single one. With summers becoming more and more unbearable, central air conditioning has become more and more important. We are here to tell you all you need to know about central air conditioning.

What it is

A central air conditioner is a cooling unit that is installed to keep your home cool when it is hot outside. It works by distributing cool air throughout your home by making use of an air duct system. The central air conditioning system serves a similar purpose as a ductless air conditioner but without air ducts. It is referred to as central air conditioning because of the cold air which is distributed throughout the house with the help of a central unit.

How does it work?

The thermostat is one of the crucial components of a central air conditioning system. It is through the thermostat that you can set the temperature. Once you have set the temperature, the motorized fan in the air conditioning unit draws in the hot hair through the ducts. As the hot air is being sucked in, the refrigerant is passed through the external compressor coil. This refrigerant helps to cool the hot air which entered through the duct. Once the air has become cool, it enters through the furnace blower. However, when the cold air comes in contact with the hot air, it also turns warm. To prevent that from happening, the air is passed through an external condenser. While it is passing through an external condenser the heat which is present in the air is released. This is a continuous cycle of replacing the arm air with cool and fresh air.


Packaged AC: In this type of central air conditioning, the compressor, evaporator, condenser and coil are all combined together. The packaged AC system only has one unit which is installed outside the house. The warm air from inside the house is directed outside to the unit where it is cooled. Once the air has been cooled it is set back inside and circulated. This is how the packaged AC cools your entire home.

The Split Central AC: The split central AC is the modern way to cool your home. The AC system has a separate evaporator and compressor. The evaporator of the air conditioner is situated inside the house. The compressor is installed outside the home. This type of AC makes use of the refrigerant piping in the evaporator coil. The hot air which enters the unit passes through the compressor cold, making it cold. Once the air has become cold it is circulated throughout the house.

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