The Benefits of Window Awnings and More

The Benefits Of Installing Awnings On Your House - Aladdin Inc

You may think you are unfamiliar with window awnings, but in truth you have likely seen them quite often. They are widely used in storefronts and restaurants, as well as cafes and offices. They are also now favoured for use in homes, making them a residential feature.

Window awnings are mini-roofs if you will, smaller versions of their much larger siblings. They are designed specifically to fit over windows, and are great alternatives to regular awnings. They do the same job excellently, keeping away sun/ heat and rain.

Nowadays, you are spoiled for choices when it comes to picking the right window awnings. They come in varying sizes, shapes, materials and styles, and so can be tailored for various tastes. But before you jump into browsing for options, here are some common questions and benefits to look at. 

Are window awnings worth it?

In short, the answer is yes absolutely! However, to help answer this question in more depth, here is a quick look at some key benefits. 

  • Window awnings improve the look of your home

Yes functionality and practicality are important, but aesthetics too, play an important role. Aside from giving the building an instant boost in looks, window awnings also improve their curbside appeal. This means that even from afar, your space stands out and catches the eye. For commercial buildings, this can make all the difference in attracting more customers and thereby sales. It is easy to create a unique atmosphere and ambience, not to mention offer comfort to patrons.

With a range of fabrics, colours, patterns and designs on offer, you are sure to find an option that really appeals to you.

  • Improves the energy-efficiency of your home

Rising costs of living are exacerbated with rising energy bills, and now more than ever it is important to reel this in. One incredibly effective way to make your home more energy efficient, is by installing window awnings. 

Window awnings are able to improve the energy-efficiency of your home year round. Which means that no matter the season, you can reap this benefit. During the hot Summer months, the awnings will act as a barrier and block sunlight from your interiors. This in turn minimises the heat that comes in. You can also have your windows open to enjoy the breeze, encouraging healthy ventilation. Overall, less trips to the air-conditioner. 

On the flipside, during the Winter months they will better protect against the cold, acting as a shield. They can reduce cold draughts seeping through your window, in turn reducing your need for the heater. 

  • Protects your furniture

We all know how damaging the sun’s UV rays can be. So if you have any rooms that have the sun beating down on them daily, it can have repercussions. For instance, over time it could easily damage your furniture which can crack/ fade. Perhaps you have already seen this happen and wondered how to prevent it without closing the room off to light. Well, window awnings are a great solution. You can leave your windows open for air and light to flow in, without exposing the room to harsh sun day in and day out.

  • Protects your windows

Everything deteriorates over time; but window awnings can help your windows last longer. By protecting them from the sun, rain and other elements year after year, you can get a lot more use out of them. This is especially the case if your window frames are made out of wood. In fact, if they are made of any such sensitive materials, then window awnings are highly recommended. 

How much does an outdoor window awning cost?

Window awnings at Bunnings and custom-made window awnings tailored for your needs will of course vary in price. But they also vary in benefits. The cost of such an outdoor window awning is difficult to estimate without assessing one’s own unique needs. There are many types, each with its own fabrics and strengths which affect pricing. Aluminium window awnings are different to canvas ones. Motorised versions will also typically be more expensive than manual ones.

Some also think of doing installation themselves to save money. Unless you have significant experience with this and know exactly what you are doing, avoid this. Not only could you end up incorrectly installing the product, you could injure yourself. So ensure you always get the help of an expert.

Why do people have window awnings?

Window awnings come with a host of benefits that can significantly improve the quality of your home. This in turn enhances your standard of living. Not only do you have a home that looks stunning, it also becomes highly practical and comfortable. Take a look at the above listed benefits for more.

What can I do instead of an awning?

Installing a roof is usually a common alternative, or makeshift canopies. However, the former can be quite expensive and the latter temporary. Window awnings are sort of the middle-ground between both of these, being more budget-friendly and long-lasting. They increase the value of your home too, making it easier for renting or selling. So if you want to save time and money while reaping the benefits of a roof, this is a no-brainer. 

Bespoke window awnings can make a huge difference in your life as an investment and not just an accessory. Aside from being perfectly fitted within any odd space, they can match the design of your home. With a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from, personalisation is easier than ever. Have an expert come out and consult with you about your needs for the best recommendations.

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