4 Ways Your Home Can Make A Great First Impression

Any individual who has viewed a property knows first-hand that homes make a substantial first impression. Often, there is a part of the property’s design or presentation that affects our immediate opinion while, at other times, it can be something seemingly abstract. This profile can make a substantial difference when the property is placed on the market, which is why estate agents are often focused on the kerb appeal of a home.

The first impressions a home makes are not only important for market success but also for an expression of self too. When inviting and welcoming guests, residents are likely to want their home to represent who they are, putting forth the same warmth and style that they would in person.

There are a number of ways to ensure your home makes a great first impression and, whether you are welcoming friends or looking to improve its value and market appeal, they should be considered.

Kerb Appeal

The term most estate agents will impress upon those looking to sell their property is kerb appeal. This is the facade of a home and all qualities of the property that can be seen, as the phrase suggests, from the street.

For some homes, kerb appeal might simply be encompassed by their doors and windows. However, this is not to say that they cannot make a substantially improved impression by being cleaned, painted, or altogether replaced. By the same token, exterior walls can improve both the appearance and value of a home with only a splash of paint.

Consistent Design

It is apparent when a homeowner has made an effort to curate an aesthetic in their home. Consistency among furniture, as well as high-quality and complementary designs, works to create a stylish and impactful design. Placing modern furniture in a rustic room can potentially undermine the quality of both, for example, and is partly why interior design remains such a thriving industry, with homeowners seeking to create the best potential living space for their needs.

Open Spaces

While it may seem sensical that luxurious assets can improve a home, the absence of objects and furniture can have as much, if not more, value to a homeowner. This is because spaciousness, even the illusion of capacity, makes a positive impression.

There are numerous reasons why this is the case, with one of the most important being the greater presence of natural light. Homes with less clutter and more open spaces tend to feel brighter and less constraining, helping visitors and residents alike to feel more comfortable.

Measured Environment

It is not only visual elements of a home that affect our conceptions of a property. Other elements, such as warmth and air quality can aid our ability to relax too. Homes with great ventilation and well-maintained temperatures encourage comfort and a sense of welcome, making a more positive first impression. This is also because cold and damp homes lead to illness and discomfort.

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