6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security System

In recent years, the technology surrounding home technology has developed and changed dramatically, and now, every security feature in modern homes, from locks and alarms to doorbells, can be controlled from any number of mobile devices.

It’s important to stay up to date when it comes to home security, not just so that you can keep up with the Jones’s, but so that you can stay one step ahead of the criminals, and protect your home, its inhabitants and your belongings from harm. 

Below are six signs that you might need to upgrade your home security systems:

  1. Your home security system is more than a decade old

It’s an unfortunate reality that any security system more than ten years old will simply 

not have the technology to protect your home as well as it should, and certainly not as 

well as a modern system purchased in more recent years. 

  1. Your system has a wired infrastructure

A simple cut wire by a criminal, can result in your entire home no longer being adequately protected, and if you’re still using a wired system, you should definitely consider upgrading to a wireless system.

  1. You use an alarm, and only an alarm

No matter how loud your alarm system is, it’s a noise and that’s it. While you might startle an intruder and encourage them to leave your property, it’s a pretty rudimentary security system by modern standards. A smart doorbell, however, gives you a direct video feed of who is on, or close to, your doorstep, enabling you to take the appropriate action, fast.  

  1. Your home automation isn’t connected to your security system

Monitoring the camera feed from your porch or being able to adjust the lights or thermostat when you’re not at home, is only made possible when your home automation features are connected to your home security system. 

  1. Your security cameras have poor resolution

Video footage that isn’t clear enough to show the intruder clearly, or which items have been taken, will be of little use in a civil or criminal court, other than to prove that a burglary or other crime actually took place. Upgrade to cameras with higher resolution so that any footage captured can be used as evidence. 

  1. You unlock your doors with a key

We all know how easy it can be to lose a key, or for a key to be stolen or copied, and then they can be used by criminals to gain easy access to your home. Locks can also be picked or broken, according to how skilled and/or determined the intruder may be. Upgrade to a digital locking system on the other hand, and the door can only be opened by someone with the appropriate code. 

Always take your home security seriously, and never underestimate your vulnerability to 

burglary or intrusion. To upgrade your existing home security system, talk to your local security expert, which in many cases, is your local, qualified and licensed locksmith.

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