6 Tips For Improving Your Property’s Warmth (While Keeping Bills Low)

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This winter is set to be quite challenging for a number of residents across the UK, being dubbed a season of heat or eat, an unfortunate circumstance that arises from the increased cost of living. For residents, this means finding ways to maintain warmth inside a home while still keeping bills as low as possible. There are a number of ways to accomplish this and we’re sharing six of the most practical to help those concerned about the season ahead.

Conceal Windows

There is an interesting experiment that can be performed at home, revealing if a property’s windows are working as effective insulators. Simply take cellophane and cover the space concealing a window, taping the sides down from one corner to another. When you get to the final corner, if your window and frame aren’t working effectively, you’ll feel, see, and hear a cold breeze pushing through.

If this is the case and you identify a leak of cold air, you know that the window needs fixing. Or, you can simply use the cellophane to completely cover the window for the season, ensuring that cold air is kept out.

Cooking To Heat

The food you choose to cook can benefit your home since the heat from an oven or slow cooker can benefit a living space. As such, be sure to shift your diet to winter meals, ensuring that you utilise the slow and low heat of kitchen devices to benefit a home.

Cosy Spaces

Rooms can be divided into smaller spaces, with lesser-used rooms being sealed off. This is advantageous because open spaces and large rooms are predisposed to be colder. By creating smaller spaces, even nooks and cosies, those that are easier to heat, residents can enjoy a warmer winter.

Some are even establishing comfortable spaces outdoors, looking to buy log cabins and other outbuildings for their gardens that can be used as an assuredly warm space, one that is also saturated with rustic appeal.

Embrace Fabrics

Believe it or not, curtains can play a significant role in heat management. Not only will heavier fabrics deter cold air from windows but those placed by doors will work the same. Even a simple curtain placed across a front or back dack within a home can significantly improve warmth. And, by the same token, carpets and rugs will do the same, helping rooms to maintain their heat much more effectively.

Candles Not Lights

Candles aren’t just wonderful ways to add pleasant aromas to a home, nor are they solely icons of hygge. They are also sources of warmth and, with a small selection of candles being lit in a small room, residents will soon feel the cosiness.

Insulate An Attic

Attics are often neglected spaces, typically used for storage. If they are neglected entirely and without insulation, then they will allow a home’s heat to easily escape. Even a modest amount of insulation being placed inside an attic can work wonders for a home’s warmth!

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