Different Types of Tiling that are Popular Today

Tiles are available in numerous sizes and shapes. These can be used for walls, floors, roofs, kitchen splash backs and benches etc. You can find these in varied textures, colors, sizes and shapes. Regardless of the need, a tile can be found. Know about the various kinds of tiling Townsville that are quite popular these days.

Ceramic tiles

These are great for any purpose, can be installed more or less easily and can survive extremely high temperatures. Keep in mind that these are quite brittle and can get shattered or cracked easily if dropped, or something hard is dropped on these. These are set up atop a tile adhesive, leaving a minor gap between every tile.

Stone tiles

These are just like ceramic tiling Townsville, although these are not ‘manufactured’ and are composed out of natural stone. Such kinds of tiles are quite strong and heavy, and can survive much foot traffic and wear and tear. These can be composed of various natural stone – such as travertine, sandstone, slate and marble.

Cork tiles

As the name indicates, these are composed of cork and are used often on floors in many homes. As compared to ceramic tiles, these are quieter but also warmer, which makes these ideal for houses in colder countries. You can walk on this kind of tiling Townsville more comfortably. However, you must know that these tiles have to be sealed in order to prevent breakage.

Carpet tiles

These are just like cork tiling Townsville, and are available in around 300mm x 300mm square pieces. A floor completely made with cork tiles spread alongside each other looks similar to a big piece of carpet. If individual tiles get stained or damaged, these can be replaced.

Vinyl tiles

Traditionally, Vinyl flooring could be found in a sheet form. Today, you can get it in a tile form as well. These are just like carpet or cork tiles, and can be found in varied designs to get any type of look that you want. Vinyl tiles looking like wood can also be availed.

Rubber tiles

The use of Rubber tiles around homes has only caught on recently. These are soft and comfortable to walk on, very quiet, slip resistant and extremely hard to wear. The range of colors is limited, and these might not be appropriate for a lot of styles. This kind of tiling Townsville comes at a cheap price.

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