Easier Ways to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp

Anyone shopping for a wheelchair ramp is often confused and needs some assistance to choose the best ones. In this article, we shall discuss about a few points that you should know before buying this product. You can buy this product either online or from land-based shops.

EZ-ACCESS is well known for selling portable ramps of top quality that are highly durable. They are easy to transport and laid down anywhere. Their ramps vary in size, style, material, and function.

Here are few things that you need to consider while buying the wheelchair ramp:

  • You need to consider the size, weight and other features of the mobility chair. Weight of the chair, the person should be together calculated before buying the ramp. It helps the ramp not to bend down while the chair is moved over it. There is a need to measure the width between the wheels to buy the right size of the ramp.
  • The vertical rise or the inclination should be perfect. It shouldn’t be quite steep that needs more effort to move the mobile chair over it.
  • A threshold ramp is the appropriate one that are suitable for fixing at home. In commercial setups large, a full-width ramp is best to install. They should be durable to withhold their quality even when subjected to exterior environmental elements.
  • You can choose the portable ones. The lighter model used at home and offices is folded and kept to maintain them easily.  There are modular ramps that are available in various sizes.
  • Choose one that doesn’t let slipping of the wheelchair while moving on it. Ramps having handrails will be quite useful for people to move their wheelchair without any assistance.

You can opt for the most suitable portable wheelchair ramp by visiting reliable online seller’s websites.

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