Five questions to ask your Decking Installers before you start:

Are you in search of the best and professional Decking Installers Nottingham? When hiring a deck builder or fencing contractor, it’s important to communicate your expectations, as well as being clear about what is and isn’t included in their patio construction and fencing installation services. Make sure everyone is on the same page right from the start by educating yourself on the following:

1. Do I have to get my own permits and the location of utilities?

Building and installing decks often requires a building permit, as well as locating utilities before digging. Some Decking Installers Nottingham prefer to obtain all permits and the location of utilities themselves. Others will ask you to do so. Please make sure that you or your Pro have made these arrangements before starting work.

2. What types of deck work do you do?

One of your first questions should be whether the local Decking Installers Nottingham does deck installation and repair, and what types of projects they cover. Some experienced companies may specialize in decks or fencing, while others may deal with replacement and construction, but not repairs. It is important to set clear expectations from the start

3. Are you going to repair or replace my deck?

Most patio builders and fence installers will begin their job by assessing the condition of your existing patio and/or fence. They can then determine whether certain elements of your existing deck and/or fence can be kept and whether a simple repair, partial replacement, or full replacement is required.

4. Do you provide a contract and guarantee your work?

Request a detailed report of the work that the Decking Installers Nottingham or fencing company have been hired to perform, signed before work begins. Check if they guarantee their work so that you are fully satisfied after the job is done.

5. Will you help me choose a model and materials?

Most Decking Installers Nottingham will create a template for your new patio and submit it for your approval before you begin your project. You will also be presented with a choice of materials, ranging from pressure-treated lumber, cedar, composite, and metal options for your deck, fence, and/or railings.

That’s for this guide. These are the essential questions which you should ask your Decking Installers Nottingham before assigning any decking companies or before starting the job.

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