How to Polish Your Floor like a Professional? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Polishing your marble floor is very important to get that elegant and clean look. Whether it is for your office or home, getting a professional to do the work will always make you get the finesse you are looking for. However, this is anytime expensive than doing it by your DIYers or by your in-house maintenance staff. 

Your floor will always need a makeover after many years of wear and tear. If you are money restricted, you should do this work on your own. So, here are some tips to work like a professional.

To get the right kind of polishing done all you would need would be the special pads, polishing machine, floor patterns, the polishing compound, stone surface and the correct application. You need to keep in mind that you are doing this for the shine, and the brightness of your floor. If you are looking for a floor polishing machine then you consult Stone Tools. They got various stone fabrication products and of high quality.


  1. Do not use any product without understanding its training information guide.
  2. Make sure you use safety equipment while applying the product e.g. Gloves.
  3. Always pre-test the product in an inconspicuous area to check if the product is doing its work well.
  4. Protect the other surfaces of your house like the furniture, carpets, metal surfaces etc. which can be damaged during the process.
  5. Stick to working on smaller areas and at a slow speed. Do not rush to do complete your work. 
  6. Make sure that during your work no many people are coming to that area to avoid any kind of accident.
  7. The container of the polishing powder is placed at the corner sealed to avoid any moisture entering it.

You should understand that not all polishing process works on all surfaces. This will all depend on the type of stone, machine used and powder used. So, you need to understand the type of floor and then do floor polishing accordingly. 

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