Is there any difference between a bar stool and a counter stool?

Although they have different functions, people often get confused with counter stools and restaurant barstools. The two can be used in the exact same places. The key difference is their height, as well as the way they differ in functionality. People end up purchasing the wrong stool and later find out that it does not meet their needs. It is important to choose a stool that best expresses your style.

What is a counter stool?

A counter stool can be described as a type of furniture (chair) that allows one to sit behind a counter. Counter stools can be used in all areas of the restaurant, including bar counters. The top should be accessible for both standing and sitting patrons. Counter stools must be at least twice the height of regular-height restaurant tables. The average counter height is 36 inches above the floor. A counter stool seat will be 24 to 27 inches from the ground.

What is a bar tool?

Bar stools with backs are tall chairs that have footrests to support the feet. Bar stools for restaurants are either narrower or taller depending on their ability to be used at regular and high tables in bars, lounges, and pubs. Bar stools were originally designed for bars, but you can now find them at kitchen counters. A bar tabletop is typically 40 to 42 inches high from the ground. Mathematically, the bar stool should also be between 28 and 32 inches of tall from the floor. They also allow enough space for your knees.

Dimensions and elbowroom

Restaurant tables, bar stools, and counter stools all have standard dimensions. Choose a stool at least 10 inches lower if your table or counter top is unusually high. It will allow your knees and legs plenty of space, even if you are sitting cross-legged. Adjustable stools may be the best option if you are having trouble finding the right height stool. These stools come with a hydraulic pump, which allows you to adjust the stool height as you wish.

The gap between the stools

The space between your stools should be as important as their height. You should keep your stools six inches apart from each other to avoid crowding your counter or bar table. For stools with wider seats, or with armrests, space should be increased by 3 inches more. When shopping for counter or restaurant barstool, you can avoid purchasing the wrong stool by identifying the differences in height.

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