Linden Estate Is Now Listed For Sale in the Luxury Real Estate Market of Southampton NY

Historic and community constructions, landscapes, and neighborhoods reflect the intentions and lives of those who constructed or lived there. These buildings and properties tell us the stories about the community and how it grew to what it is now. 

Keeping those stories alive is a crucial part of creating a healthy community. Historic preservation demands preserving and honoring community history by preserving the structures and other aspects of the community that are linked to it.

People generally stay in such houses because they are fascinated with the fact of living in the same home where the historical personalities lived. Benefits of tax credits are also offered to homeowners who invest in historic properties.

Tim Davis is a luxury market dealer in the Hamptons. He has 40 years of experience in selling all kinds of homes and condos. Currently, he is focusing on selling historic homes. Lately, the Linden Estate in Southampton NY grabbed the headlines because he has listed it out for sale. The Linden Estates is in the market for sale at $69.95 million.

The Linden Estate was built by architect Grosvenor Atterbury in 1915. The Linden is in the middle of the estate enclosed within trees and other estates. The property is situated in the 10-acre land and it is considered the largest estate on the Ox Pasture Road. The residence has 12 bedrooms with 12 bathrooms, a library, fireplace, living room, glass windows and doors, and separate staff quarters. It is a three-story building of 18,000 sq. feet.

Saving ancient structures is a good deed that benefits the whole communities. It’s good for the people to understand their history by staying in, or close to historic homes. However, if you want to keep history alive you should preserve it as well. 

The Linden Estate p[property has been preserved in prime condition. Renovations have been made on the property but the original glory and splendor of the place are still intact. The place still speaks volumes of the aristocrats who lived in the place during and early mid-twentieth century.

The property was used to fetch a rental income of $850,000 to the owners every month. It has been maintained and preserved in pristine condition to draw affluent personalities who love to live luxury lifestyles. Even though the property went unsold while being listed back then in 2011, it seems to be making a lot of buzz among high-end investors now.

This property is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece that has just about all the luxury amenities that people could think of. All the amenities are designed to offer a resort-like lifestyle to those who live there, and much more.

What’s more, the property is handled by Tim Davis who has a good reputation for delivering luxury property to his clients. He has carved the name for himself in the luxury real estate market at Hampton. Interested buyers can get in touch with him to know about the property. 

Linden Estate in Southampton NY

160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, NY

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Tim Davis

Hamptons Luxury Real Estate Market Leader

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