Safeguard Your Landscaping Plants From Cold Snaps

Weather can alter quite rapidly and may bring cold snaps that may really damage your landscaping. So we have come up with some suggestions that may help you prepare to safeguard your plants, particularly if your landscaping continues to be installed lately.

(1) Your landscaping can better withstand the cold when they’re healthy. The initial step in creating healthy plants would be to feed them correctly. Make sure to fertilize your plants, trees and lawn using the proper fertilizers. Water can also be a fundamental part of keeping the plants healthy. So before any cold snaps, make sure your plants’ plant’s roots are hands watered for optimum protection from the cold.

(2) Wind chill throughout a cold snap is generally several levels cooler compared to actual temperature so it’s vital to try to block that wind from directly hitting your vulnerable plants. This can be done a number of ways but probably the most common ways would be to cover all of them with sheets or blankets. Clothespins and twine may serve as means to secure your sheets and blankets in position throughout the overnights.

(3) Learn how vulnerable all of your landscaping plants would be to the cold. Many native plants could be more cold resistant than the others. Search the net for information in your particular species. Typically some exotic flowering vegetation is more susceptible and tender and it’s wise to create them inside if they’re plants. Attempt to harvest your fruit from fruit bearing plants or trees should you fear the cold damages them. Many strawberry maqui berry farmers will water their fruit within the freezing overnights to create a layer of ice within the plants to assist safeguard them.

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