Straight Stair Lifts vs. Curved Stair Lifts – Know the Differences

You will find a range of stairlift designs on the market, such as straight, curved, and more, which are suitable for churches, commercial buildings, individual houses, and others. In this article, you can learn a few differences between straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts that help you to choose the right one.

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Straight stairlift vs. Curved stairlift

A straight stairlift is ideal for a staircase to move between 2 staircases or a staircase with a turn of 90°. If the space between two staircases is large and you want to move from a chair to another, then it is a safe choice. Also, it is less expensive compared to others.

If the distance between two staircases is small or needs assistance, you must choose a curved stairlift. These stairlifts will have custom fabric that matches the turn and twist of your staircase.

These stairlifts are customized to measure the rails, which are fixed depending on the dimensions of the staircase. These are expensive and come with extra options like hinged rails, which can be folded on the way to avoid inconvenience to the other family members.

Curved stairlifts need more time to install compared to straight stairlifts. The technicians will take few weeks to conduct a survey and install a curved stairlift. It is because it involves various works like installing plug sockets, moving radiators, and others.

Factors you have to consider when purchasing a stairlift

  • Make sure that the staircase will hold the stairlift
  • Choose a licensed company to purchase the stairlift
  • Consider the company that offer installation service and 24/7 assistance

Many companies offer premium stairlifts along with the assistance of experienced technicians. From those, choose the best one and order a staircase, which is suitable for you.

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