Things that can be put in a dumpster

People in Sarasota often think that dumpsters are only meant to put simple garbage but there are several rules that need to be followed. One cannot simply put anything in the municipal dumpsters. For this, it is essential to know the list of things that can be put in a dumpster. So, before going for Dumpster rental Sarasota FLdo consider the mentioned below things to put in it:

Organic waste 

You can put any kind of organic waste in the dumpsters. These organic wastes may include dirt, sticks, wood, plants, leaves, and even food scrap, etc. No matter if you are a winery, brewery, or restaurant owner, you can easily rent such dumpsters for the waste that is generated through brewing, cooking, distilling, etc. Also, many paper products can be thrown in them and most of them get recycled easily. You can also ensure recycling for your paper products whenever possible.


In most service areas, wooden furniture is accepted in the dumpsters. You can put your dressers, couches, chairs, tables, sofas and several kinds of furniture into it. However, there are different rules to dispose of the upholstery furniture and mattresses. You will need to follow certain rules before putting such things in dumpsters. This may include some additional fees too.

Renovation and construction debris

You might have seen the use of dumpsters at various construction sites. This is because almost all kinds of construction waste are allowed in the dumpsters. These wastes include bricks, shingles, cement, concrete, and a lot more. The only thing that must be kept in mind is the dumpster that you are renting. It must be capable of upholding the weight of such waste. You can even rent roll-off dumpsters in order to dispose of heavy materials that cannot be put in ordinary front-load dumpsters.  

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