Tips For Riding On Speed Bumps

The function of these speed bumps and humps is none other than forcing us to slow down to avoid being run over, installing a quick and easy method. Many administrations use this system to deal with the accident rate in some areas and sections of the roads. This solution is also being used with elevated pedestrian crossings.

The problem is that they are annoying and can even be painful if we go through them too quickly. But there is more, and it is that if something hurts, it is the pocket of drivers who have to face unnecessary breakdowns by not circulating correctly through them.

Not to mention the range of colors to which some municipalities are aimed to make these speed bumps more attractive. It is important to remember that the standard specifies how they should be, especially considering users such as motorcyclists and cyclists.

The reality is that many cities end up inundated with these speed bumps and overpasses, but are they indispensable? It is a cheaper solution than the installation of traffic lights or roundabouts, which is why they end up being abused. The problem is that they are much more annoying and noisy; we only have to ask the neighbors affected by the constant noise they cause! Not only when cars pass, but also buses and trucks.

Technology advances by giant steps, and innovation has also reached these speed bumps. In some cities, the so-called intelligent speed bumps have already started to be used. They are ‘friendly’ reducers of drivers that respect the speed limit but go into action when they detect excessive speed.

And How Do They Work?

They contain a liquid inside capable of staying fluid when the system detects low speeds and turns into a solid when the force detected is greater. Interesting, right? Indeed, if these smart ones replaced all the speed bumps in the cities, many drivers would be jumping for joy.

But since, for the moment, this is not going to be the case, we will have to settle for the current and annoying speed bumps. So, we will be practical, and we will tell you how to circulate through them.

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