Deck construction & Maintenance tips to follow

You may have recently purchased a ready-made home and would like to incorporate a deck to it. In such a case, you may consider hiring the top Deck builder Southampton to construct your dream deck. But the question is how to take proper care of it and make it appear aesthetically pleasing. By carrying out basic upkeep and maintenance of the structure will enable it to become functional and be enjoyed for a long time.

Basic deck maintenance tips to follow

  • Sanding: Perhaps, there already exists a deck in your home. But it could appear beaten up and much older. If so, then the Deck builder Southampton professionals will consider sanding it instead of washing it. This activity helps extends the deck’s life. But before sanding, all screws and nails should be sunk within wood. First use sandpaper with 40-50 grit and sand diagonally. Again, use 70-80 grit sandpaper to sand horizontally. Thus, with this process, the surface gets evened out while opening the wooden pores.
  • Repairs: It is necessary to check the supporting joists and posts present beneath the deck. Your annual inspection should also include bolts and screws connecting the deck with your home. Find out loose screws, bolts, structural damage and wood rot. Check thoroughly the flooring and railings for loose screws or nails, splinters and damaged wood. The experienced Deck builder Southampton will be able to find hidden issues easily and quickly. They will undertake appropriate measures and rectify them before carrying out necessary maintenance. It can be something simple like hammering nails and tightening bolts or taking care of complicated issues like replacing posts. If the supporting posts’ wood starts to rot, then it needs to be replaced immediately to avoid fatal accidents and injuries. Such problems often call for major renovations something that the professionals can handle better.
  • Staining: This process is best started at the inner corner. Apply semi-transparent stain with a sprayer. Checkout for overspray on any other nearby surface or on the siding. Use rollers to go over puddles and even out finish. Apply the second coat immediately before the first stain starts to dry since it does not soak within wood. Remember, not all structures are likely to require repeated coating. Hence, use stains with high resin amount to enable it to last much longer. You may apply a water sealant to protect the deck made of wood during the in-between years of staining it.

The chosen Deck builder Southampton company can install low-maintenance decking that will allow you to enjoy using it without much upkeep.

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