How can technology help you fight against global warming and climate change?

The world is facing one of the biggest threats in its history of million years. The threat is climate change and global warming. A threat that is caused by technological advancements and it is only technology that can reduce the effects of this threat in the first place. The technology that can help reduce the effects of global warming and climate change is known as green technology. Now the simplest green technology that exists today is the led technology for lights and bulbs. LED is actually called the light emitting diode. In this technology light is emitted from a diade cell thus reduces energy consumption. In Thailand, Thinklite is offering its new range of LED bulbs and light equipment.

What developments have Thinklite made with Mr16 tube?

The new Mr16 tube ( หลอด mr16, which is the term in Thai) from Thinklite uses the most advanced led technology available in Thailand right now. Thinklite has teamed up with Germany based company and with the Samsung research and development department of Korea to improve their led technology. Thus the new Mr16 tube provides light to every place in the room itself. Not only that they also provide you with good quality light with less energy consumption making them sustainable products in these times when world is facing the problem with fossil fuels pollution.

Get the new LED t8 bulb from Thinklite

Apart from LED tubes Thinklite has also launched their new Led t8 bulb ( หลอดไฟ led t8 , which is the term in Thai) as well. The new t8 bulb has A1 chip incorporated in it’s circuit. Thus the bulb does not get heated even when it is in operation for a long time. The bulb has the capacity of emitting light at 155 lumens per Watt. So, in a nutshell, the new LED bulb and tubes from the house of Thinklite let’s you not only help in reducing your overall power consumption but they also help the environment as well. So if you are interested in buying them in Thailand be sure to buy it from the online portal of Thinklite.

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