How to design a kitchen Renovation for your home

Designing a new kitchen for your home isn’t as simple as just choosing something you like from an image or a showroom as there are so many variables to consider. Our team at Kitchen renovations Sydney believe that the best approach is to tackle each variable as a stepping stone to building something that will be right for your home.

One of the most important steps is to understand how you intend to use your kitchen. Some may use their kitchen as a social hub and like to interact, cook, prepare and dine in the same space. Others see the kitchen as a functional part of food preparation and cooking and mainly used by the main food provider in the household. Understanding this will determine how much space you need and the type of layout you need.

There are 6 main types of kitchen layouts which will suit the way you want to use the kitchen.

The first is the galley kitchen. Named after the galley in a ship, this is when two parallel benches are used to create a working kitchen. This is usually used when there is a narrow space and when the primary food provider needs an efficient area to work in. The U or L shaped kitchen layout is when there is more space but you want to section off the kitchen from the rest of the room and you also want enough bench space to work with. The kitchen island is a very popular layout option as it provides bench space plus an alternative casual dining option as well. For this layout to work, you will need a larger room to allow for an island to be put in with space on either side as well. 

When a large room is not available but you need more bench space, one layout to consider is the peninsular kitchen layout. Ideal for apartments and other smaller rooms, the peninsular works like an L shaped or U shaped layout but is usually much smaller. It does offer a kitchen separation and some additional bench space to work with.

The ultimate in luxury would be the double kitchen island where as the name suggests, there are two island benches and the considerable room space to fit them. Typically one island would be used for preparation of cleaning and the other for dining but this layout would give versatility to the usage. 

These 6 kitchen layouts cover 95% of all possible options for you to consider. Understanding which one is best suited to your needs and the room you have will go a long way in helping you design the right kitchen. If you need more assistance, go to the team at Kitchen renovation Sydney

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