What Is A Condominium?

A condominium can be defined as a space divided by several owners who also share common areas. Each owner has their private unit, as per the specifications made at purchase. In common areas, the condominium owners have the same rights and duties.

What Is A Joint Owner?

As it is known, the condominium consists of the resident of the space, whether owners or just tenants. Each has rights and duties within the condominiums, whether related to private or common areas. In addition, they have the mission of deciding the actions to be carried out in the enterprise during meetings.

What Are The Types Of Condominiums?

There are several types of condominiums such as one ready to move in project at charansanitwong (โครงการพร้อมอยู่ แถวจรัญสนิทวงศ์ which is the term in Thai) on the market, each with specific characteristics and purposes. The most common is the available condominium, in which there are owners simultaneously in the same space. Included in this model are:

  • condominium apartments
  • condominium houses
  • condominium commercial rooms
  • condominium mixed

This type of condominium is very common in residential and commercial spaces. Coworking has also recently emerged, which, due to the possibility of renting only a room, floor, or even tables, are also shared spaces, a type of condominium. In addition, there is the building condominium, in which there are common and private owners. The main characteristic of this type of condominium is the presence of an internal regiment and a convention. Finally, it is possible to find voluntary and necessary condominiums. The first occurs when two or more people come together for a common interest. For example, the purchase of a property by a group of friends or even the sharing of the same room by two professionals.

The necessary condominium can be defined as necessary actions when it is necessary to separate two properties. This includes walls and fences that divide owners and neighbors.

What are the mandatory factors for the constitution of a condominium?

The first factor for constituting a condominium consists of the simultaneous properties. For this space to be considered, there must be more than one owner of private spaces that share common areas. In addition, it is essential that, in the case of condominiums, administrators and a constitution are present, as mentioned. Any condominium has legal obligations, both for its operation and all safety.

Who Are The Condominium Managers?

The main manager of a condominium is the trustee. The person who performs this function acts as a representative of the condominium members, is elected at the assembly, has the mission to manage the projects satisfactorily, and can be a resident or a professional liquidator. In addition, if it is of common interest, it is possible to hire the services of a condominium administrator. This will act as a support to the liquidator, carrying out a series of activities.

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