Looking To Create A Designer Living Room? Here’s How

Have you wondered what space creates the first impression in a house? The living room is the heart of the home, where everyone comes together and accommodates visitors, friends and guests at all times. Enhance the whole outlook with a well-equipped living space by installing various feasible Wakefit furniture. Given the primary importance of decorating the living room to the best of one’s creativity and ability, it is sure to turn even a limited space into a well-designed area.

Key Factors to Transform

Designing and revamping the living room decor ideas can be challenging and confusing where and how to start. But with the basic idea on how to go ahead with it makes it an effortless accomplishment.

  1. The Theme of the Living Space

Start by deciding on how the living area has to be set up with the furniture choices and how they will blend with the rest of the house interiors and lifestyle. It can be modern, contemporary, traditional, classic, rustic or even a combination of two themes.

  1. Colours and Texture

After finalising the theme, the colour will be the next significant factor to escalate the theme’s mood extensively. Neutral colours are the highly preferred ones as they are the safest option to fit any space and do not regret in the later stages. Colour pops are the other trendy choice to make a bold statement and accentuate a modern look. Furthermore, to intensify the colours and impart a more elegant look, one should concentrate on the texture. It can be matte, smooth, glossy or even patterned with stripes or abstracts as per the person’s choice.

  1. Additional Features

One can accessorise the living room with additional installations like indoor plants, painting, petite wooden furniture and other decorations to add beauty to the space. Equipping the sofa with cushions and essentials like a floor lamp is ideal for designing the living room. Furthermore, more seating like an ottoman and bean bags are classic methods to add comfort and look.

Fundamental Guide to Setup the Living Area

There is a definite approach to decorate a living room while recreating or styling it.

  • Measure and Plan

Determine the area of the living room as the first step to predict the output. It can be done with so many computer applications available in today’s scenario, or even hand drawing will do the required job. Next, one can perform a rough sketch on how to fill it with the furnishings by marking and drawing boxes. In this way, if the result is not convincing, it can be rearranged and checked before making any progress.

  • Focal Point Analysis

The centre point is referred to as the focal point as the arranging starts from right there. By working from the focal point after taking note of the necessary dimensions, one must place the television at a viewing angle of thirty degrees on the main wall. The spacing from the TV unit to the couch must be approximately between 8 to 12 feet. The regular norm is to place the additional seats on either side of the wall where the television is fixed.

  • Extra Accessories

Besides the main furniture, the storage cabinets, coffee table, armchairs, and corner stands are considered extra accessories. The standard guideline to place a coffee table is at least eighteen inches from the main couch to become highly accessible for various purposes. Open cabinets are an excellent choice to display favourite possessions or even souvenirs. The side tables can be placed next to the couch. But one must take care to install furniture items at a distance of thirty inches away from the other. This is the most efficient way to create ample walkable space along the living area. If the living room is lavishly big, one can even consider setting up a bookshelf that adds more luxury to the house. Bar cabinets are another option to add sophistication to the living space. In most of the house, the TV cabinets are the best space to accommodate family photographs and other media consoles.

  • Walls

The walls are the attractive elements for a living room. Transform them to a feature wall and experiment with prints, patterns, wallpapers, textures and colours. Designer curtains are also another opportunity to bring in a drastic transition and create a more dramatic look. Invest in bold choices instead of neutral palettes to highlight the space. Walls are elaborate structures to implement personal touch with various customised wall hangings, paintings, portraits, or even snaps to be treasured as memories. Filling with a wall shelf is another approach to also store items in them.

  • Carpet and Rugs

The floor rug must be placed at the centre a few inches beyond the sofa to look stunningly appealing. A contrast or patterned rug will add warmth and a chic look to the entire living room on carpeted floors. However, this must be the last step at all times as the choice of rugs and carpets must complement the remaining decors, colour, and theme.

  • Lighting

Lamps and lighting are the game-changer as far as any space is concerned. Chandeliers are the most important highlight of any living room that has to be placed right at the centre of the ceiling. If huge lamps stand tall, they can effectively replace the side table, but nowadays, some offer floor lamps with attached tables. Warm lighting adds more charm, whereas spotlights increase the sophistication levels of the decors. These can be used to highlight the art and particular sculptures, thereby adding up glamour.

Designing the living room is a meaningful choice and cannot be considered a great decision. With countless combinations, it is also a wise investment as it helps the whole house stand out. There are numerous budget-friendly means to change the ambience of a living room, and remodelling is one of the great options. Remodelling requires renovating and transforming certain aspects of the living room that is the greatest priority. This makes it a feasible and easy decision even for limited urban spaces. Why wait when various ideas are applicable to create the living room of your dreams with just certain modifications?

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