Top recommendations to select the perfect bedroom wardrobe

A messy bedroom can lead to increased stress levels, poor quality sleep, and even be annoying. Bedroom environment can have a profound psychological impact on your mood. A well-chosen storage solution is essential to make your bedroom a clutter-free space. Open Wardrobe is the furniture that will allow for more organized living.

The choice of wardrobes

There are many options for wardrobes, including sliding, fitted, freestanding, and mirrored. Once you open the doors, there are endless options for the configuration and combination of the wardrobes. To begin with, you need to determine what type of storage space you most require. Once you know what you want your wardrobe to do, it is time to think about its functionality.

Functionality of the wardrobe

It is important to know how much hanging space you need, based on the clothes you have. You will need hangers that maximize the height of your wardrobe. Dresses, long coats, and evening gowns can be stored in the wardrobe. Suits, jumpers, and dresses can be hung on half-height rails, which doubles the hanging space. You should also consider the depth of your shelves. To maximize storage, go as high as you can towards the ceiling. 

The place you will put the wardrobe

It is important to consider where the wardrobe will be placed in your bedroom. Many rooms have only one place for an item this large. Wardrobes are generally made to be at least 45 cm deep by most manufacturers. If you have the budget, we would recommend that you get as large as possible. To maximize storage, make sure you are as high as you can towards the ceiling. This space is great for storing spare bedding and seasonal items.

Types of wardrobe

Once you have identified your functional requirements, you can begin to look at the different wardrobe options available. First, you need to decide whether to buy a fully fitted wardrobe or a freestanding one. Fitted designs work well in rooms with awkward angles, alcoves or sloped ceilings. Freestanding wardrobes are the most flexible in design and cost. Two-door panel wardrobes follow a standard design. Three-door panel wardrobe offers a bit more space.

Style of the furniture

The wardrobe is a dominant piece of furniture and contributes significantly to the overall theme and style of the bedroom. There are many styles to choose from, including timeless classics and modern-day favorites, as well as high-gloss contemporary pieces that can be worn with minimal style. The wardrobe’s appearance can also be affected by small details like handles. You can choose from slim, brushed-chrome handles, or ornate glass knobs. 

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