The Best Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Garden

In recent years, due to various lockdowns confining people to their homes, gratitude for the fresh air, freedom, and stimulation gardens bring has grown.

As such, most are keen to make changes that can enhance the look and feel of their backyard. Or purchase a home with a garden space that’s ready to use and enjoy.

So, be it for your enjoyment or to increase the saleability of your property. Here are five of the best ways you can make your outdoor space both practical and pleasant.

Garden Maintenance

Clear the garden of any clutter, such as unused toys, cracked plant pots, and a surplus of garden tools to tidy and free up space.

Next up, cut the grass, rake up the leaves and sweep debris from the patio and fences.

Decluttering the garden will quickly improve the outdoors image. While also giving you a better idea of the garden’s size and potential for further development and improvements, as recommended below.

Features and Functionality

Homeowners can enhance the value of their garden by adding distinctive yet functional features.

For example, building a Log Cabin in the garden is an excellent way to add an extra living space away from the house.

In other instances, installing a hot tub outdoors could bring a touch of luxury.

Create Privacy and Security

Overlooked gardens, the sounds from traffic nearby, and an unsecured outdoor space could reduce the appeal of a home to prospective buyers.

But you can easily change that with the following alterations:

  • Plant fast-growing plants such as bamboo around the edges of the garden to create a privacy screen.
  • With the neighbours’ consent, attach trellis to the top of the fences to create an instant retreat.
  • Evergreen shrubs such as laurel grow fast and thick, blocking out noise, providing privacy and security.
  • A secure summer house or log cabin could offer a safe, enclosed, quiet space in the garden for homeowners to unwind in peace and privacy.

Evergreens and Seasonal Flowers

A relaxing, beautiful and valuable garden isn’t complete without greenery.

Evergreens such as hebe, and viburnum tinus, for instance, are low maintenance shrubs that can add structure and all-year-round interest to the garden.

For a garden that’s beaming with colour, all-year homeowners should also consider planting seasonal flowers.

For instance, snowdrops come alive in winter. Tulips bloom in spring, and asters blossom in late summer until the first frost.

Moreover, shrubs and plants may help conceal unsightly fences and walls.

Decorate the Outdoors

The indoors isn’t the only place homeowners can decorate to add value to their home.

Here are a few suggestions to consider that could amp up your garden’s appeal to prospective buyers.

  • Fix sash window mirrors to fences and walls to reflect the garden’s light, space, and beauty.
  • Paint tired fences with a colour that fits in with the scheme of your home. For instance, modern homeowners could opt for grey hues. In contrast, cottage-style homes might opt for a beige colour.
  • Add accessories in the garden, such as solar lights along the pathway and ornaments to reflect the gardens’ chosen theme.

From sprucing up the garden to installing a new summer house, improving the value of your garden is achievable by using the tips above.

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